André PARINAUD (Famous Art critic)
Article printed on the exhibition catalogue in Saint Germain PARIS

As soon as one’s eye rests on one of Dominique ANDRE ‘s works it becomes modern and aquires a sense of virtuality, which is the new dimension of our times.We have inherited from PAUL CEZANNE an ingenious dynamic vision.
And this slow “revolutionary invention” took a century to bloom, with the appearance of the computer and its data processes images that completely upset our conception of the world, and which inittates us to the third millennium, soon upon us.Probably, because he has become a master of movie decor,
Dominique ANDRE penetrated very early into this univers in formation with all the ressources of this imaginaire, iniated to the truths yet to come.And the last step of this process opens the door to the projections of the future which is in preparation.He mobilises our look on the film of our futur.Left us admire how he reconstitutes shapes, suggests and takes hold of our imagination.He engages us in an oneiric course and concentrates our look on the density of a plastic energy,he puts in situation colorful tensions, draws lines and established a geometry that owes nothing but to invention and metarmorphoses.We are” somewhere else” in appearances that exist only on her  screen-sorry, on his canvas.Certainly he inspires himself from real life the same way CEZANNE painted women bathing while observing men along the river.
His formulation is neither abstract nor realistic, it obeys to the architectonic of forms.In mouvement, to the organic and the hallucination, to say it all, to the new power of the mind that were reveled to us with our entry into modernity by technic, the power of images, invention, the values of Dominique ANDRE ‘s canvases if one might say is the focal point that represents his faces.This white spot that sollicitates us and that is like the large plastic axis of the work.not the center of the image as vermeer looked for it by resting his needles and his thread that prefigured  the birth of the photographic image.But the line of metaphysic horizon, from which the work finds the diapason of its deep music.
Dominique ANDRE ‘s painting instinctively discovered the source of his sun.Everything prepared him for this, his father ‘s work-shop,tapestry’s painter, his friends LAURENS, GROMAIRE, CALDER, LABISSE, the atmosphere of aubusson ,his birthplace,of the image.Its in this ambiance that was elaborated the alchimi of the astonishing plastic equation that he offers us today.

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